Accidental Shootings-Gunshot Wounds-Police Shootings-Firearms-Ballistics

Accidental Shootings-Gunshot Wounds-Police Shootings-Firearms-Ballistics

Accidental Shootings-Gunshot Wounds-Police Shootings-Firearms-BallisticsAccidental Shootings-Gunshot Wounds-Police Shootings-Firearms-Ballistics

Ronald R. Scott M.A, M.S.


Forensic Services:

  • Police Shooting Investigation     
  • Shooting Incident Reconstruction
  • Crime Scene Analysis
  • Firearms & Ballistics
  • Toolmark Microscopy
  • Gunshot Distance Testing
  • Hunting & Firearms Safety Issues
  • Trajectory Analysis
  • Gunshot Residue Interpretation
  • Time, Speed, Distance in Shooting Incidents
  • Gunshot Wounds
  • Testing Standards & Best Practices
  • Unintentional/Involuntary Discharges
  • Firearms Design
  • Accidental Shootings 

Mr. Scott's background


  • Over 55 years of total experience with 32 years of forensic expertise in shooting reconstruction, police involved shootings, firearms, and ballistics.

  • Since 2002,  an independent forensic consultant  specializing in Shooting Reconstruction, Police Shootings, Firearms, and Ballistics.

  • Former Commanding Officer of the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab (Firearms/Ballistics) providing forensic services to 350 cities & towns, all state agencies, military services, and Federal Agencies (except FBI); and responsibility for all Police Department shooting evaluations as a member of the State Police Shooting Review Board.

  • Cases and/or testimony in all states (except HI); Canada, Haiti, Great Britain, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, U.S. Virgin Islands, Colombia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines.

  • 25+ years as a Massachusetts State Police Officer with numerous command positions including Staff Inspector, Station Commander, Troop Shift Commander, Operations Section Commander.

  • U.S. Army veteran (1963-66); Ordnance Corps as a Explosive Ordnance Technician & Small Arms Repair specialist.  Crew Chief of .50 Caliber MG; participated in Operation PowerPack (1965).  Graduate of the Army Ordnance School;  Paratrooper School;  and assigned to Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD) and the 40th Ordnance Company (Europe).

  • Mr. Scott has been retained in thousands of cases for prosecutors, U.S. Attorneys General, District Attorneys,  military attorneys, defendants & plaintiffs, engineers, authors, insurance companies, civic organizations, firing ranges, and private citizens.

  • Member of American Academy of Forensic Sciences, International Assoc for Identification, International Assoc of Chiefs of Police,  and Academy Standards Board (Consensus Board for Firearms and Toolmarks).

  • Mr. Scott holds a Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Bachelor of Science Cum Laude and was enrolled in a Master of Business Administration Degree;  he has completed the Bureau of ATF National Firearms Examiner Academy along with other forensic training.y are.

Mr. Scott testifying in New Mexico Superior Court (Torres v Albuquerque Police).

Mr. Scott testifying in New Mexico Superior Court (Torres v Albuquerque Police).

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